LoveJoy Learning Academy
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A Note From Our Co-Director
"I was a wife and working mother of two small children. I would put in 50 hours a week at work, rush to the daycare to get my children by 6 pm, go to the drive-thru for dinner and I would be exhausted after doing homework with my school age child. When God blessed my husband and I with this business, we wanted to make sure families had a place that would make life a little easier for them to enjoy their time at home. That's why we close at 7pm, that's why our after school teachers help with homework, and that's why we serve a full course meal every evening." 

When my daughter was six weeks old, I became anxious. I knew I had to go to work but was unsure about leaving my daughter at a daycare center that rotated my child like a product in a grocery store. I wanted more from childcare, I wanted my child to be nurtured and loved. That's exactly what she received at Lovejoy Learning Academy. The staff was attentive not only to her needs but to my request. Now my daughter is two years old and loves attending school. I call it school because she has learned social skills as well as the beginning skills for academic excellence. I am grateful for the loving and professional staff for caring for my Leah!

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